PERMISSION TO PIVOT & Reignite Your Spark
A 3-month Intimate 1:1/group hybrid program for powerhouse Entrepreneurs looking to Reignite Their spark So They Can Feel Alive In Business Again & Maximize Profits Their Way


  • Disrupting the Balance Myth: Thriving in Ambition and Inner Peace

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You're ambitious & a pro at smashing goals, yet business feels soul crushing - let's change that

1. What is the secret business & lifestyle you dream about?
The one that makes no sense logically but in a "no fail" world it's yours 

2.What do you crave beyond money?

can I ask you TWO questionS?
And you be honest with me...

it's time to find that spark again so you can make that dream come true - on your terms

past experience

Online, you seem to have it all together, but behind the scenes, work stress is constant. Surface-level anxiety persists even during vacations or dinners with friends, hindering your presence

it's time to pivot if...

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You feel bitter seeing others find success effortlessly, despite your own investments, hustle, and strategic efforts. You've done everything right but aren't achieving the same level of success.

Your business feels heavy and unenjoyable, even though you love what you do. When People Online Say "I'm having the time of my life in business" You can't relate but deeply desire to reclaim your spark

Up until this point you've been a "strategy is the solution in business" type of founder because isn't that what business is all about, external results? But you're starting to realize that maybe your issues are not strategy related and you're feeling lost.

The pressure and expectations you put on yourself to push for "more" makes you want to burn it all down some days 

You've checked off all the online business milestones—Instagram followers, launch goals, income targets—yet each achievement leaves you empty. Hitting the next goal didn't bring the expected change; instead, it left you exhausted. Nothing ever feels like it's enough

Cheers to taking a different kind of action!

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Does pivoting mean I burn it all down? NO.

Most likely you just need a few micro pivots within mindset, energetics, and strategy to unleash the fulfillment and peace you've been craving. We work together to pinpoint WHAT needs pivoting, In WHAT order, and HOW the strategy.

  • Your problems are now nuanced; posting more or creating a new offer isn’t the solution because it won’t reignite your passion.
  • You have a big vision for your life and business. You're not just ambitious; you're a powerhouse.
  • At a crossroads, you wonder, “Is it possible to grow a business and feel fulfilled?” You want both.
  • You feel stuck with a weight on your chest. Traditionally, you’d optimize strategy, but this feels deeper because your old way of operating no longer and taking a chance on doing things differently feels scary. "Will I be able to be as successful?" 


here's why...

if you've lost your spark, chances are it's time to pivot

designed to be



 for ambitious, action-focused entrepreneurs who crave a big business alongside peace and feeling alive. 

YOU'RE USED TO STRATEGIES THAT PUT PROFIT FIRST  & while THAT LEADS TO big revenue it also tappers off into burnout and loss of spark. here, we pivot and start with you & your purpose first and reverse engineer into profits

We blend inner work tools with business strategies to master when and how to leverage both for true internal fulfillment while maximizing profits.

This isn’t just mindset or strategy—it’s a holistic approach to achieving peace and profits in your most authentic way.

your permission slip to lean into a business that not only thrives financially but also nourishes your soul. a life where success doesn’t come at the expense of peace and well-being, but enhances it.

the 3 main pillars of focus 

Once we pinpoint what to pivot into for true fulfillment, we'll blend strategy with intuition and inner work to ensure your business is both sustainable and enjoyable. This will be authentically aligned with your desires—not just what Instagram trends dictate.

A Business Plan That's SUSTAINABLE & Enjoyable Again:

Master emotion regulation and connect with your intuition to take aligned strategic action. No more spinning in strategy circles. Unlike the typical "energy" content that can feel spammy and fluffy, this is where we combine energetic strategies with solid business tactics for ambitious and logical women like us to master and become our highest selves. 

Radical Self Trust & Breaking Up With Self Sabotage: 

Whether you know the root cause of your unfulfillment or not, this is where we get crystal clear. Gain clarity on which areas of your business and life are no longer in alignment with you so you can pivot and discover what you deeply desire. We’ll be radically honest about what you truly want (your deep knowing and happiness) versus what you think you should want (your ego).

Clarity And Confidence On WHAT To Pivot & HOW:




Your Business Feels Heavy And Unenjoyable, Even Though You Love What You Do. You Want To Reignite Your Spark Without Sacrificing Income.

Despite Being An Action-Taker And Following All The Strategies, You’re Stuck At A Certain Income Level And Realizing It’s Not Just A Strategy Issue Anymore.

You’ve Hit Six-Figure Milestones And Had Financial Consistency, But Now You Wake Up Feeling Stuck Like There's A Weight On Your Chest, Unfulfilled, And Burnt Out, Wondering Why You’re Not Happy.

Your reality today


your reality in 90 days

in love with all aspects of your business again and so in Alignment with your personal wellbeing because you're no longer afraid to take radical authentic action 

You know exactly when and how to leverage inner work strategies vs business strategies so you're no longer wasting time focusing on the wrong thing allowing you to balance peace with profits.

Radical Self Trust & Confidence. You Know How To Neutralize Emotions And Make Clear Decisions Based On Intentionality And Intuition Not Fear And Ego. Results? Long Term Solutions & Feeling at Peace and fulfilled

Stress And Overwhelm Are Your Default States. You Want To Break Free From “Just Because I Can Doesn’t Mean I Should,” But Lack The Tools To Manage Fear And Scarcity Triggers.

Mastering Your Triggers In Real Time: When You slip up and fall back into overloading Yourself, You'll know how to Overcome ego and scarcity In The Moment. No More Self Sabotage. 

Building a business takes intention, repeatability, and scalability.

What's included


 bi - Weekly calls 

monthly calls 

An engaged  community that's not just here to ask questions but here to provide support & accountability.
A safe space to be vulnerable no matter how small or big the problem may be. Here we're not and don't have to worry about sounding like a victim, bringing the vibes down, or not being grateful. We value radical honesty. 

Get personalized feedback from Anna Monday - Friday in the community channel and well as on the bi-weekly calls each month. 

At this point in your business your problems are nuanced and not black and white. Here is where we can dive deep and pinpoint what is blocking you and create a solution for it. 
3 Calls in Total.

results from powerhouses like you 

You're at a crossroads...

You didn't start your business to feel trapped and life-less in your day to day just to make money.

You started your business because you knew you were meant to live a extraordinary life and have massive impact on the world. You desire magic. 

You choose to be part of the 1% that lives life on their own terms

Pivot or continue feeling uninspired & overwhelmed

so why are you settling for a business and life that's not fulfilling? 

Hi I’m Anna, strategy addicT & inner work convert

I left Manhattan and moved to the South of France with my 10 year old chihuahua Norman. I used to be the biggest mindset & inner work skeptic but the truth is once I started integrating strategy & inner work every part of my business and lifestyle changed for the better.

I have a 10 year background in corporate marketing in NYC working for globally recognized brands and successfully scaled my business coaching business. I’m logical, strategic, ambitious, and highly driven. It’s all I’ve known and what drives my success, so strategy was always the solution for me...until it wasn't. 

My core belief was that no mater what you bulldoze through resistance, anxiety, pressure, burnout because mindset work is only for the weak and doesn't create tangible results in business. Until I suffered a loss and the grief spiraled me into a paralyzing depression that spiraled me into a rock bottom. 

Which left me asking myself "why am I doing any of this?"

Thus began my journey to finding balance between ambition and inner peace with tangible tools that combine action and alignment. 

I realized adding in inner work didn't take away my ambitious  identity or my strategy, it simply removed the pressure and expectations that were sabotaging my authentic core beliefs and desires from amplifying my success & lifestyle. 

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