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For the alpha woman who is done playing small. This is high-level, high-touch support across all areas of your business–from developing an irresistible product suite to running a business that gives you ultimate luxury and freedom. Take things to the next level, your way.


A 90-minute deep dive into your business strategy followed by 30 days of implementation support. Map out your next big move based on what’s best for you. It only takes one month to transform your business and your life.


Learn how to scale your business to $10k months and beyond, by creating a signature framework that gives you the time and income freedom you need to thrive.


With credentials that go way beyond the ‘gram’:

Bringing multi-million dollar 
marketing strategies to the online space

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Before I was the no BS marketing and scaling coach that you know and love, I was a marketer managing multi-million dollar accounts for brands like Martha Stewart. What should have been the “dream job,” actually made me feel completely hopeless. It wasn’t the right fit and I felt it.

Being laid off from that job during the pandemic solidified it–I was meant for something more. Shortly thereafter, I lost my NYC apartment and was back living in my childhood bedroom, broke as a joke, with nothing but self-trust and my senior dog Coco on my side.

When I made my first investment into my business, I couldn’t even afford rent. But I took a leap of faith and put it on a credit card. I was fierce and fearless, even when I had nothing. I believed in myself, and I believed in the transformation. 

This level of freedom, impact, and passion can be yours, too. You just have to believe that the world is waiting for you.

From pandemic corporate layoff to scaling a $200k business in my childhood bedroom in under a year

Building a luxury, brag-worthy business starts wherever you are–even if it’s at zero.

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Thriving instead of just surviving.

Finally releasing all of your blocks–around money, success, and freedom.

Focusing only on what moves the needle forward in your business, not on what everyone else says you need.

Selling in a way that feels second-nature, with a custom-tailored system backing you up.

Having a signature luxury, sustainable framework that leaves your audience spell-bound. One that generates limitless profit (and peace of mind).

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Meet the Fierce & Fearless Women

“I believe that there is no limit to what women can do. That we don’t have to shatter glass ceilings, because they don’t exist. My purpose is to empower women, regardless of their current circumstances, to relentlessly pursue the life of their dreams. Everybody deserves a business that supports their version of luxury.”

What I loved about working with Anna is that she focuses on the ‘symptoms’ of the root problem. Oftentimes as business owners we oversee the symptoms because we're so head deep in our everyday work. Anna has a gift to identify the REAL root cause and then once that is fixed she introduces the STRATEGY which has been a breathe of fresh air. Most mentors try to pile on more and more strategies without looking at the big picture. I am so grateful for Anna and all the deep (and messy lol) work she has helped me do, resulting in massive breakthroughs. 

In Lo’s Words

— Created and launched a signature group offer that could serve the masses. Result: Her first launch sold out in presale! 

—Focused on positioning her unique value proposition as the GO TO course creator & mentor for 6 to 7 figure entrepreneurs. 

—Created a customer journey for RETENTION, so she no longer was starting from zero every month or leaving money on the table. 


-Craved sustainable high cash months

-Lacked clarity in offers and messaging. She was unsure if her offers were positioned correctly to scale long-term. 

-Already had a 6 figure year but felt exhausted & overworked with 1:1 clients, craved more freedom and profit. 


First 3 months I gained more confidence in my offers and showed up with INTENTION and it feels So good. 

aha moment:

From 1:1 Burnout to Creating a 
Signature Sold Out Group Offer 
with More Income & less time 

Online Courses & Systems Expert & Educator 


Anna has changed my entire business. Point blank period. She has taken me from a burnt out, income and time capped business owner to a business owner that is completely aligned with her services, offerings, brand + messaging that is working a quarter of the time she was before and making much more money. Every time I had a phone call with Anna she was consistently spitting facts and blowing my mind and making it so easy for me to understand. Anna has a no bullshit approach where she actually explains her process and exactly what I have to do without any secrets like other mentors. 


— Pivoted her from general VA to the go-to Systems & Automations Specialist for Online Entrepreneurs with authority.

—Built out a product suite of in-demand ready-to-buy offers that her audience craved and raised her rates. All while making sure that her offers were created with her TIME in mind so she could enjoy being a mom and not stressed and overworked. 

—Went from $5K months to $18k months by creating a customer journey & content strategy with her ideal clients in mind for retention so she would be able to income stack and not start at $0 each month. 


-Less than dream leads in her dm’s that she kept on saying YES to only for the money. Low social authority & no branding presence. 

-General VA with no niche or product suite of scalable offers which made creating high converting content feel impossible due to lack of direction.

- Overwhelmed, burnt out, time capped and income capped by hourly work while being a new mom.


Time doesn’t equal money. I can charge $3K for a VIP day with me, based on my skills not hours, and not let imposter syndrome stop me from claiming my worth. 

aha moment:

From $500 offers to $5K offers and hitting her first $18K month 

systems + automations specialist 


After working with Anna I was able to book out $25k in projects within the first two months. Even better that this, I finally felt aligned in my offers. I knew I was meeting clients at every step of their journey with my packages…and I knew how to identify gaps in my structure so in the future I could continue to expand. I felt fucking on fire, and I could not be more grateful to Anna for the mindset shift she provided and the frameworks she gave me that I can use on repeat. have been in coaching programs where the answers were always “Look inside yourself.”! Anna offers the encouragement of leaning into your strengths while helping you identify them. Not only this but she offers a way to USE those strengths through actionable steps. Key word- actionable. 

In Bethany’s words

—Got crystal clear on who each offer is for and what transformation each offer providers. This created a GAP within each other so customers would have to upgrade for a bigger transformation.

—Worked on imposter syndrome and mindset to start saying NO to everyone and YES to only ideal clients thorough her positioning authority 

—Product Suite expansion to serve more levels of different entrepreneurs from beginners to established to never leave money on the table 


-Lack of offer & transformation clarity which felt customers confused on why they should upgrade from the $1K package to the $5K package 

-Saying yes to every client even when not ideal & imposter syndrome to charge her worth

-Stuck at $4K month thinking “why is everyone else scaling but not me?”


First 3 months I gained more confidence in my offers and showed up with INTENTION and it feels So good. 

aha moment:

From hitting a $4k wall to booking 
$25K in 2 months and hitting her 
first 6 figure year in business

Strategic brand and web designer