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high performance INNER WORK & STRATEGY integration for the 

You're not just ambitious you're a powerhouse

who moves mountains in your business and personal life. Excelling at shattering goals is what you do best, and it doesn’t have to leave you feeling unfulfilled or exhausted.

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For the ambitious driven strategy focused woman who is sick of feeling like you have to pick between success and inner peace, you're ready for both. You desire a partnership that will deep dive into your business & intuition/energetics through 6 month 1-1 coaching or intensives based on your needs. 

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You're ambitious & a pro at smashing goals,
yet business feels soul crushing - let's change that
3-Month 1:1/Group Hybrid Program For Powerhouse Entrepreneurs Looking To Find Their Spark Again

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The POWERHOUSE Empowers Highly Driven entrepreneurs To Shed Success Pressure, Overcome Self-Sabotage & Seamlessly Integrate Self-Trust Into Strategy, So you Can Enhance Success In Your Business/Career Without Sacrificing Inner Peace in Your Life.

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you deserve success that feels good  

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Anna Wojtowicz is a first generation immigrant, Business & Inner Work Integration Mentor, Speaker, Host of The Power Shift Podcast and Founder of The AW Creative. Anna helps ambitious women find balance between ambition and inner peace. Here we don't just talk about fluffy theories, we infuse practical spirituality into strategy for tangible results. 

Anna spent over a decade in NYC working in the Marketing and Ad Sales department of brands such as Teen Vogue, Vogue, Martha Stewart and The Smithsonian Magazine. 

After burning out in corporate and then burning out again scaling her business to multi- six figures while going through grief she hit a wall and realized that accomplishing every milestone will never fill the “it’s enough” void because ambition without inner peace feels empty.

Thus began her journey to finding balance between ambition and inner peace with tangible tools that combine action and alignment. 

Anna moved from Manhattan and currently lives in The South of France with dog Norman. 

From working in force to flow 


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Breaking up with "it's never enough" while feeling successful & fulfilled

Unshakable self trust integrated with strategy 

Tripling your income without tripling your problems

Being present in your personal life & business/career without anxiety eating away at you

Knowing how to get back to baseline when you're triggered and starting to spiral from comparison, money, or perfectionism 

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I am on a mission to help ambitious high performing women shed the stigma that being a human in business is "weak" and put power back in softness & strategy 

because the thing you're resisting is the key to true sustainable success...on your terms for once