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it's not about losing your AMBITIOUS identity to inner work, it's about finding who you really are behind the pressure & expectations
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If you know me, then you know the fact that I educate on inner work is truly ironic considering how much of a skeptic I used to be. But the truth is once I started integrating strategy & inner work every part of my business and lifestyle changed for the better.

I have a 10 year background in corporate marketing in NYC working for globally recognized brands and successfully scaled my business coaching business. I’m logical, strategic, ambitious, and highly driven. It’s all I’ve known and what drives my success, so strategy was always the solution for me...until it wasn't. 

My core belief was that no mater what you bulldoze through resistance, anxiety, pressure, burnout because mindset work is only for the weak and doesn't create tangible results in business. Until I suffered a loss and the grief spiraled me into a paralyzing depression that spiraled me into a rock bottom. 

The ones who believe they are worth of peace and profit

I work with women who are ready to 
embrace all that they have to offer. 

Which left me asking myself "why am I doing any of this?"

Thus began my journey to finding balance between ambition and inner peace with tangible tools that combine action and alignment. 

I realized adding in inner work didn't take away my ambitious identity or my strategy, it simply removed the pressure and expectations that were sabotaging my authentic core beliefs and desires from amplifying my success & lifestyle. 

After a decade of living & working in Manhattan in NYC Anna moved to the South of France with her dog Norman, where she currently resides. 


My family and I immigrated to America from Poland shortly after the Soviet Union fell. Despite being only five years old, I instantly understood that we were poor. Even though I was taught that life and money were hard because “that’s just the way it is,” I always knew I wanted more. 

let's take it from the top

Like you, I too used to believe that emotions were an obstacle and the only solution was strategy & logic 

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After High School, I moved to NYC by myself to study marketing (much to my family’s dismay). Eventually, I landed a marketing position working with huge accounts like Teen Vogue, Vogue, and Martha Stewart. By all accounts it seemed like I was living that thing they call the “American dream.” Right?

Wrong. Not only was I stressed out of my mind for a job that barely paid the bills… They laid me off in the middle of the pandemic.

Pretty soon I had lost my NYC apartment, drained my savings account for a dog medical emergency, and was living in my childhood bedroom. I could have easily caved to the negative mindset–money is fleeting, life is hard, and what I had was as good as it was going to get.

But I didn’t. Instead, I followed the immense amount of belief and trust I had in myself. I made a huge investment in my business before I had any money to spend on it. And you know what? It worked out better than I could have ever imagined.

More PURPOSE, more profit, more passion.

work with me

All you need is the self-trust to embrace inner work & strategy 

-To help define your version of balance between success with inner peace 
-To help you feel confident that you no longer have to choose purpose or profit
-To help you master your internal compass so you feel secure leading with intuition alongside strategy 
-To help you breakup with pressure and self sabotaging cycles that are keeping you from living the business and life you want on your terms 

my commitment to you...