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The POWERHOUSE Membership Empowers Powerhouse Entrepreneurs To Shed Success Pressure, Overcome Self-Sabotage & Seamlessly Integrate Self-Trust Into Strategy, So You Can Enhance Success In Your Business Without Sacrificing Inner Peace in Your Life.

it’s an all or nothing sums game which has led to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. You're ready to unlearn and break up with this definition of success so You can learn how to align success & fufillment with no barriers or friction between the two.

you're ready to feel good & shatter glass ceilings

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you've spent your whole life believing that success equals hard work




Helping you identify your version of balance aka regulating your nervous system and equipping you with tools to swiftly return to it when you're starting to spiral. This will help you shed the pressure and urgency in business ultimately boosting results, reducing resistance, and reviving your inner peace. 

Rediscover and rebuild your self trust. Learn how to master self-trust and intuition to make decision-making feel safe, secure, and confident no matter the season of your business. Learning how to integrate intuition and strategy to maximize results while maintaining a sense of security.

Overcoming self-sabotage in your business by identifying its root causes and implementing practical tools to break free from destructive cycles of behavior and thought patterns, paving the way for tangible growth and success.

the framework

you're in the right place if
you've experienced....

A TRAGEDY...grief, medical issues, relationship issues, divorce
A LIFE CHANGE...becoming a mom, adopting a dog, moving, career change
HITTING A WALL...sales plateau, lack of motivation, resenting what you do, burnout
HITTING A ROCK BOTTOM...financial, personal, realizing the business you created is eating away at you with no way out

to realize that while you were so focused on creating a long term sustainable business & career in terms of cash flow, you forgot to create a sustainable business & career for you as a human.

here's the deal/

Navigating building a business & career while living a full life doesn't one day magically get to be easy. But when you increase your capacity to hold bigger success and even bigger challenges plus you have the right tools to manage them effectively , the pressure gets to feel easier vs eating away at you...and that is the secret to balancing ambition and inner peace 

  • In marketing it either sounds too fluffy or spammy...which turns you off

  • You assume it’s journaling, meditating, affirmations, and having a rigid morning routine, or pay to be in my energy...which turns you off

  • You’ve read the self help books, listened to the podcasts, and even bought programs and yet you have no idea how to get started or implement any of it which leaves you feeling even more stuck...which turns you off

  • You can’t relate to anyone talking about doing “the worK” because they’re polar opposite from you. You’re ambitious, highly driven, strategic and worry that doing the inner work will force you to lose that identity...which turns you off

You hear everyone talking about how you have to do
 “the work” on your mindset but yet no one actually ever tells you what “the work” is OR WHERE TO START...

...I get it, because those were my exact thoughts

Hi I’m Anna, strategy addicT & inner work convert

If you know me, then you know the fact that I created an inner work membership is truly ironic considering how much of a skeptic I used to be. But the truth is once I started integrating strategy & inner work every part of my business and lifestyle changed for the better.

I have a 10 year background in corporate marketing in NYC working for globally recognized brands and successfully scaled my business coaching business. I’m logical, strategic, ambitious, and highly driven. It’s all I’ve known and what drives my success, so strategy was always the solution for me...until it wasn't. 

My core belief was that no mater what you bulldoze through resistance, anxiety, pressure, burnout because mindset work is only for the weak and doesn't create tangible results in business. Until I suffered a loss and the grief spiraled me into a paralyzing depression that spiraled me into a rock bottom. 

Which left me asking myself "why am I doing any of this?"

Thus began my journey to finding balance between ambition and inner peace with tangible tools that combine action and alignment. 

I realized adding in inner work didn't take away my ambitious  identity or my strategy, it simply removed the pressure and expectations that were sabotaging my authentic core beliefs and desires from amplifying my success & lifestyle. 

i know what you are

Online it looks like you're killing it and have it all together but behind the scenes you can never turn the work stress off.
The surface level anxiety lingers even when you're on vacation which prevents you from being present and receiving from the moment. It may have already started to affect your personal relationships. 

You have no idea and can’t even imagine what balance looks like because you’re operating from a state of daily anxiety, panic spiral of “what ifs” to the point that it’s become your new normal and to be brutally honest you can’t remember the last time you weren't stressed. 

secretly going through...

You’ve checked off all the online business milestone boxes, the instagram followers, the launch goals, the income goals and didn’t feel it at all because you thought hitting the next goal would finally feel different until you realized nothing was different and just left you exhausted, nothing is ever enough

Up until this point you've been a "strategy is the solution in business" type of founder because isn't that what business is all about, external results? But you're starting to realize that maybe your issues are not strategy related and you're feeling lost.

 “I know it’s just the perfectionist in me” or “yea, it’s just a mindset problem, I’ll get over it” yet despite being self aware you can’t overcome self sabotage and resistance so you try to bulldoze your way through it 

The pressure and expectations you put on yourself to push for "more" makes you want to burn it all down some days 

You feel bitter that business seems “easier” for other people and when this whole time you've equally “done all the things”. You've made the big investments, hustled, worked really hard, implemented all the strategies and yet you're not hitting the same level of success. 

When you experience an income dip you instantly start panicking because your self worth is tied to your income which leaves you feeling guilt, shame, and failure like it's all about to crash. 




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$950/ yearly (save $214)

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YOU'RE driven, ambitious, strategy focused and YOU don’t want to lose THAT IDENTITY & just let it “flow” and “surrender”

But what if instead, the inner work could revive, give new life, and strengthen your business so you can be a more focused and aligned authentic version of you in it? 

it's not about losing yourself, it's about finding who you really are behind the pressure and expectations and taking action from it  

the powerhouse membership

You’re a female entrepreneur starting to realize your problems may not be strategy related, and ready to start exploring integrating the inner work into your life and career but have no idea where to start or what that looks like.

Ultimately you want to achieve the balance of scaling (masculine) while letting go of the pressure and self sabotage to find satisfaction and inner peace (feminine), without losing your identity. 

Is for you if...

You crave a network and community of like minded ambitious women who desire to have deeper conversations around navigating ambition and inner peace vs money and handbags. 

You want to join a community that doesn’t put pressure on sharing money which leaves you feeling guilt and shame. You want to feel that it’s safe to be vulnerable without the judgment of “I don’t want anyone to think I’m complaining or that I’m weak.”

You are approaching, currently at, or have been through the following that’s affected your life and business...

  • A Tragedy 
  • A Life Change 
  • Hitting Rock Bottom 
  • Hitting a Wall Or Burnout 

I am on a mission to help high performing women 
shed the stigma that being a human in business is "weak" and put power back in softness & strategy 

because the thing you're resisting is the key to true sustainable success...on your terms for once

You want action (strategy) + alignment (inner work tools) not just fluffy theories with no idea how to apply them in their day to day lives to see tangible results and you want to learn from someone who you can actually relate to. 

You’re not a new business owner or new in your career, you’ve tried all the business strategies, you know how to market, how to sell, you’ve already hit all the fancy online business milestones. You don’t want another content strategy you desire tools to help you overcome your mind and a community of others at the same level 

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let's do this

the next wave of ambitious entrepreneurs are rooted in the power of intuition & strategy 

common myths I USED TO BELIEVE

"Strategy is powerful while using your intuition and listening to your emotions is weak and will hurt your success"

FALSE– You associate strategy, logic, hustle, and pushing through no matter what as powerful and view emotions, empathy, intuition as less than due to hustle culture and subconscious misogyny making business owners feel like being a human in business is weak. Knowing how to integrate intuition and strategy amplifies success in all areas of life & business. 

"I don't want to just surrender
and go with the flow" 

FALSE–"surrender" "flow" and "alignment" in this space doesn't mean you burn everything down to the ground and wait for it magically to get better with no strategy. Instead we'll be discovering what your true authentic desires are vs what you "think" you should desire because of outside pressure and expectations and create a strategy to move towards it. 

“I don't want to give up strategy and become 100% woo" 

FALSE–No one is trying to take your strategy, goal, data loving identity away from you. You are running a business after all, duh. Instead of living a life of THIS or THAT we're here to help you find duality where you can have BOTH success and inner peace. It's a lot easier running a marathon when you're not carrying 50lb weights....just saying. 

"If I don't feel pressure I'll lose momentum" 

FALSE–Ask yourself who are you without the pressure? And is that the only reason you're motivated in your business or do you want purpose and profit to be your guiding light? Is all of this just so you can feel "success" and prove everyone wrong or are you doing this because you feel it's your calling?

“I can't be striving for goals and satisfied, because that means I'm not ambitious  " 

FALSE–They can 100% co-exist at the same time and actually it's the secret to curing your "it's never enough" illness. Right now your core belief is I'll be happy "when" meaning your happiness only exists at the destination which is why you feel the pressure and anxiety. Instead we can't to switch the core belief to I'm really happy today AND I'm excited for all that's to come. This POV let's you enjoy the journey not just the destination. 

"I''m afraid if I slow down I'll lose momentum, clients, and income" 

FALSE–I think you're at a pivotal time to ask yourself is the way I'm currently operating not just a sustainable business model but can I live like this for the next 30 years in my life? As a CEO & human is taking a short period of time to clear out and create capacity for creativity, new ideas, new habits and a more aligned way of living and working worth it in the long run? Or does fear dictate my every decision?

  • You don’t want to meditate?…ok 
  • You don’t want to get up at 4am and take ice baths?…ok, me neither 
  • You don’t want use crystals or tarot cards?…ok
  • You don’t want a rigid 4 hour morning routine?...ok 
  • You don’t want to journal?...ok 
  • You hate affirmations?...ok, me too 
  • You don’t want to throw all strategy out the door?...I don’t know who told you this, but please unfollow them & block ASAP

Don't Worry....

& If you want to, that's cool too, we can help. The goal is to find tools and methods that work for YOU not because someone on Instagram told you to. 


knowing how to get back to baseline when you're triggered and starting to spiral from comparison, money, or perfectionism 

What's possible: You know when you start spiraling when you have an income dip month, or it's half way through the month and you still haven't booked out? Instead of spiraling imagine having the tools to get back to baseline and navigate the situation with more ease and less resistance. 

Being present in your personal life & business without anxiety eating away at you

What's possible: No more taking a vacation and feeling like you're going to combust from the anxiety inside of you. Imagine eating dinner with a friend and being fully engaged and happy in the moment even when navigating business challenges.

Unshakable self trust integrated
 with strategy 

What's possible: Develop self trust and connect with your intuition to know how to use strategy and intuition to make better more confident decisions. Unshakable self trust so even in times when you're not sure they feel confident they will be sure. By doing so you're able to make decisions from alignment not ego and fear for better results. 

Having control over the business vs the business having control over you

What's possible:  Not feeling the pressure and urgency of the “next thing” at the end of the day and operating on your own timeline. Not having your stomach drop and anxiety spike thinking you have to immediately respond to a client. Or having the pressure of expectations that you "should" be doing more just out of force vs purpose and desire.  

Increasing revenue by letting go of chasing income goals   

What's possible:  Neutralizing the stories about money, the shame, guilt, and self worth that's tied to it. You get to decide what the motive behind the goal is and not feel pressure month to month, therefore allowing more income to flow in.

not having to choose profit over purpose, you get to have both

What's possible:  Instead of constantly chasing profit & lack of fulfillment imagine mastering your intuition and feeling confident without pressure to go after leading your business with purpose knowing it will create profits.

Breaking up with "it's never enough" while feeling successful & fulfilled 

What's possible:  No more waiting to be happy until you check off that next milestone marker and then when you finally doing feeling like it's still not enough. Imagine not only enjoying the wins, but actually enjoying running the business day to day. 


You have options when it comes to 

You can invest in a traditional mindset coach but then be left wondering how do I combine this with my business model 

You can buy masterclasses, read self help books, listen to all the podcasts, be overloaded with information with no idea how to actually implement 

You can ask chatgpt for answers, if only AI was that advanced 

integrating mindset work  into your business & career

But lets face it, you've probably tried all of these and they've left you more overwhelmed with no game plan on how to start or results 

you're at a point where you need to choose if you want your business to CONTINUE runNING you or you want to run your business & have a life outside of it 

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i'm ready for peace

Frequently asked questions




This offer does not come with 1-1 calls with Anna. However Anna leads every monthly call and is in the community channels answering questions Monday - Friday. 1-1 calls are available for purchase. 

Yes! This is a month to month membership

No. If you resonate with the the problems and goals on this sales page then this is for you. Women in this membership are 6-7 figures. 

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