Silvia Manent, CFA, CFP® Financial Advisor Manent Capital, Limitless Mastermind Advisor

How To Create Wealth In Your Business, lessons learned from working with the 1%

Let’s talk about money. Silvia Manet joins today’s episode to help lead this conversation, offer top financial advice, and give you a crash course on getting financially empowered. Silvia isn’t just a financial planner – she also happens to be my personal financial planner as well as the financial advisor inside of the Limitless mastermind.

In this episode, Silvia shares why she decided to work with women specifically in this male-dominated field of finance. Then, she dives into the details of how you can get started on your financial literacy journey. We discuss why knowing your net worth is so important, and the biggest money myths that the ultra-wealthy know that you should know, too. Silvia shares why credit card debt is something you should avoid or pay off as soon as possible, as well as how you can shift your mindset around money and investing for a healthier financial future.

This is an incredibly valuable episode that’ll empower you financially. Tune in to listen to our conversation, learn how to overcome your fear of money, and get your business in a great financial position.

“The only way you’re going to like your finances is when you actually act like a CEO instead of just an Instagram guru or coach making money.”

What You Will Hear

How to get started with financial literacy

Why it’s so important to know your net worth

Money myths that the ultra-wealthy 

The dangers of credit card debt and why it’s so bad

Changing your mindset around money and investing

How to overcome your fear of money

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