Addie Gundry, Founder & CEO of Pluie

How a diaper blowout led this first time mom to disrupt the $225B baby products industry

Addie Gundry is the founder and CEO of Pluie which is the world’s first self-sanitizing diaper-changing table. A concept that came to life after she became a first-time mom and experienced a bad diaper blowout in a bathroom restaurant one day. Addie has been featured in Female Founders 100 list of 2021 and TIME Best Inventions of 2021.

She joins the Limitless podcast today to share her insight and advice on entrepreneurship, mindset, and what it looks like to take an idea and blow it up big. Addie shares her story of starting in the food industry before disrupting the baby product industry in a huge way. She also shares the behind-the-scenes details of raising capital through venture capital, and the details that go into it. Addie shares her wisdom in the field of entrepreneurship and business, particularly if you’re interested in taking a physical product from ideation to execution. She shares why having a strong team is important in business, why you need to move out of a perfectionist mindset if you want to grow big and go far, and why entrepreneurship is riddled with highs and lows, no matter where you are on your journey.

Addie is such an inspiration, and I’m sure you’ll feel a burst of motivation after listening to this episode. So tune in for this rare opportunity to hear from an industry-shaking entrepreneur, the wisdom she’s gained along her journey, and the advice she would give entrepreneurs today.

“I think two characteristics I had were optimism and I was incredibly naive, which actually really helped. I think if I knew how difficult it was going to be, I probably never would have done it.”

What You Will Hear

Why having a strong team is so important

The process of raising capital through venture capital

Why you need to move out of a perfectionist mindset if you want to grow and scale

How to take a product from ideation to execution

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship at every stage

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