Karina Waters, Owner of Château de Gudanes

From tax accountant to restoring an 18th century Château in France with no experience

We talk a lot here with women are embodying being limitless and what that means and looks like, but today’s guest takes it to a whole new level.

Karina Waters went from being a tax account in Perth, Australia to restoring a 13th-18th century French Chateau, The Chateau de Gudanes which is classified as a French Historic class 1 monument given that one of it’s original architects was also responsible for the building of Versailles.

I had the pleasure of visiting for one of their 7 day experiences last summer. Since being under the love and care of Karina and her family, The Chateau has gone from ruin to a global sensation with almost 400K followers on Instagram, countless features in Vogue, Harpers Bazzar and Architectural digest.

In this episode, Karina shares a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into purchasing a historical monument. She also talks about why community was so important during her restoration process, and the importance of building an impressionable client experience.

Karina shares why boundaries are key, especially when you’re building a premium business. And finally, she reveals how she measures success on such a large-scale project. This episode is a powerful reminder of intentionality and tenacity. Tune in, get ready to be inspired, and maybe you’d even leave with an idea for your next vacation.

“ You have to just keep on going and learning even with all of those challenges. Continual learning whenever you can, and becoming the best version of yourself all of the time, is not just instrumental to follow your dreams, but to actually live with intention”

What You Will Hear

The process of purchasing a historical monument

Why finding a community that understands your vision is important

How to build a client experience that makes people want to stay

Holding true and saying no in order to build a premium business

How Karina measures her success on this large-scale project

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