Hannah Nieves, PR & Visibility, Limitless Mastermind Advisor


With extensive experience in marketing, branding, and PR; Hannah knows what it takes to build, market, and promote authentic brands and create results. Hannah has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Bustle to name a few. She is the founder of HN Haus, HN Consulting, and This Husdson Studio Hannah is the Limitless Mastermind’s PR & Visibility Advisior.

Hannah is also the PR advisor inside the Limitless mastermind. When it comes to PR, Hannah is a powerhouse. She’s helped numerous members of our mastermind go from having small followings and no experience with PR, to landing appearances on 10 podcasts and more.

If you’re a newer business owner, diving head first into the world of PR can feel incredibly overwhelming. So in today’s episode, Hannah is going to walk you through how you can get started – no matter the size of your following.

Hannah starts off by sharing her background of scaling 3 brands in a short span of time. She also gets vulnerable as she discusses how she still deals with imposter syndrome, even though she has a wealth of experience under her belt. Then together, we dive into some tips and advice around PR. Like how you can dabble with PR and what that might look like for smaller businesses who aren’t ready to pitch to larger publications. Hannah also shares the biggest mistake people make with their online business.

This is an incredibly informative episode all about the power of PR, why relationships are more important sales in business, and why boundaries are important to set as an entrepreneur. Tune in, take notes, and get your business PR ready.

“If you’re wanting to leverage your personal brand outside of your business, whether it’s speaking, writing a book, monetizing your personal brand, you have to start with PR. I see a lot of online entrepreneurs who are hiding behind the brands, and you want to build your personal brand side by side of the business brand.”

What You Will Hear

Does Hannah still deal with imposter syndrome after scaling 3 brands in a short timeframe 

How Hannah got started with PR

What PR can look like when you’re not ready to pitch big publications

The biggest mistake people make with their online business

Why building relationships is more important than sales

Why your boundaries are so important as an entrepreneur

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