Bethany McCamish, CEO and owner of Bethany Works®

Building an Unbreakable Brand

Bethany, the CEO and owner of Bethany Works®, a strategic brand and web design studio that specializes in building psychology-backed brands that leave an impact and build a legacy.

She’s not just one of my best business friends, but she’s also a client inside of my Limitless mastermind. Today, we’re chatting about what it means to build an unbreakable brand. We discuss how business and branding coexist together, and what the major difference is between running a business versus running a brand. We also discuss important assets to keep in your arsenal, such as a brand strategy deck, and the importance of brand archetypes. 

Bethany shares why choosing the right brand and carefully positioning it is the key to standing out, no matter what market you’re in, and why aligning your brand with the caliber of clients that you want to serve is the best way to attract them.

This episode is a highly valuable resource for business owners and service providers alike, so tune in, take notes, and get in alignment with your brand.

“If you want impact, and you want legacy, and you want to make a difference, whether you’re a product based company or not, then you have to start thinking about shaping your brand versus just running a business.”

What You Will Hear

How do business and brand coexist together

The difference between running a business versus running a brand

What is a brand strategy deck and why is it so important

Why carefully positioning your brand is the key to standing out

Common myths about building a brand

The importance of brand archetypes

How to align your business with the caliber of clients that you want

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