with Jennifer Pogmore, French Pastry Chef & Consultant

Navigating business while battling cancer at 33

Jennifer Pogmore is a trained French pastry chef, consultant, and educator. She most notable does events at Chateau du Gudanes in France, consults on cookbooks, and leads her own virtual pastry workshops.

In 2020 during the pandemic Jennifer got diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 30’s which completely through her life and business upside. She is now in remission.  Listen in as we discuss her journey of resilience, lessons learned, and how she navigated the most challenging time in her life and career. 

“If you start to look and compare yourself with other people who are doing all these kind of wonderful things that you see on social media, and the best thing you could do in the day was get out of your way to make it to the couch. That’s fine, and I really learned over the last year to be okay with the things that I was able to achieve in the day.”

What You Will Hear

Being a female entrepreneur, freelancer, and finding your passion 

Dealing with imposter syndrome and finding your creativity

Why comparison sucks and achieving your goals on your own timeline

Jennifer’s breast cancer diagnosis

Stepping into the power of no and aligning your life

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