with Amy Wilkins, Chief Revenue Officer Smithsonian Media

Navigating the C-suite boys club & lessons learned from leadership

Did you know that the US ranks 11th in the world for female leadership roles despite making up 51% of the country’s population? Nevertheless, there are still some amazing women in leadership roles, like Amy Wilkins, the Chief Revenue Officer for Smithsonian media, who handles the Smithsonian Magazine and Smithsonian online. Managing a portfolio of $34 million dollars and a team of 21, Amy is also my former boss and personal mentor of eight years. 

During our discussion, Amy shares her journey to entering a C-Suite role, navigating with being a female leader in male-dominated Corporate America, and the decision to become a mother while building a career.

“ If you’re putting that much energy into something, make sure it’s something you love. Because the the thing that will diminish your energy faster than anything is when you’re not doing something you love”

What You Will Hear

Amy’s journey to C-Suite

Navigating a male-dominated industry

Handling micro-aggressions and sexism in the workplace

Why good leadership is not a dictatorship  

Balancing motherhood and building your career

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